Friday, March 28, 2014

My Gypsy Garden

I am back ...
and do I have so much to share
with you all!
Most of our home is western dΓ©cor
but I have to have my gypsy space.
Space that is vibrant in color
and eye candy for me and you.

I found this beautiful gypsy boho quilt
on etsy. I posted the link below for you
to go drool over her beautiful things
in her shop!
This is the top of my outdoor gypsy paradise..
of course  the sky wasn't pink
well in my eyes it was.
I added lattes and old wooden chipped up doors for privacy.
I am starting the garden that eventually I hope
will grow wild all around it.
I don't have a green thumb it is definitely

I found this fairy at a estate sale and she is missing
her hand ....but I didn't care she s beautiful to me!

My husband found me some birch wood
which I think is so pretty...
added lights and beads and a raven
and Walla magical.
To top it off a red ship ...
wonder where it would take us?!

And then there is this little garden fella.
He looks so cheerful and happy.

I have a love for hands...this one is one of my favs!!!
Beads colorful fun tid bits of color!!!

Here is a closer look at the quilt...
I can see the love she put into it.
Again wish these plants luck ...
as I said I have a pink thumb!

I hung an old vintage golden mirror
on the old chipped up blue door.
It was like they belong together!!!
silly right.

peek a boo
I see you.

Again her face
so sweet.

And I couldn't pass up this parrot
he is just super cool to me.

Beautiful Heaven above.

Chimes ring to welcome
the wind.

Fairies nap on glittered pumpkins.

I will say good bye for now ..
but I will be back with more
Gypsy eye candy for you.

Where is your secret space?
What does it look like?
Do share with love to know!
xoxo Gina

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