Saturday, June 16, 2012

my photography


my photography

My oldest daughter Kiersten B ........weeds and lace

my designs

some of my designs

I love making custom jewelry for my clients :)

dinos for P8N

My 14 year old daughters loves dinos I decided to bling her out some dinos......she loves them!!!! I also made the dino necklace for her :)


I really enjoyed working on these old family photos even tho I got an ear full from my mother for doing this to my aunts pictures.......but she is okay now and likes them too.

tea anyone????

This is a recent photo shoot I did with my daughters and their friends! Was so fun to do!!! Thank you girls for humoring my off the wall ideas!!!

My red boots

MY favorite pair of boots.......when I put these on watch out.....they are like a super hero cape lol. one of my best etsy shop finds!!!!