Sunday, December 30, 2012

making wishes

There once was a pig princess
named Nyne
and was sad most of the time.
She spent her days alone
in her ginormous home.
making wishes and blowing them away as wasted kisses.
From time to time
she would take a stroll
down to her secret garden
which no one was to know
To Nynes surprise
she could not believe
her big blue eyes.
Could it be
someone here to visit me!!!!
A bear with dark brown hair!!!
Swinging high up to the big blue sky.
Hello my name is Meadow
I found the key and did not
mean to stay long.....
I just wanted a little peek....
but it seems as if time stops
every time my heart takes a beat.
Follow me
stay for at least one cup of tea....
Can I bring some friends
with me???
Oh yes....please do
could it be my wish for friends came true
They toasted to friendship
They danced and they frolicked
and curtsied too. 
They even had afternoon tea
then played in the garden
swinging each other so high
 almost touching the moon.
They giggled and laughed
acting silly
told secrets and swore they would be friends forever more...
We really must go
We have to leave......
Please don't go and leave me here all alone.
but none of this happened you see
As It was only a wish that
she blew away in a wasted kiss.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My 37 th Birthday party

My Halloween Birthday party in December
The best cards are home made
My daughters always make me sweet ones

I cherish all my cards

My Hubby made me brownies

My special rainbow cupcake
My sisther is the best ever


Sisther out done herself


Wonderful Birthday


Christmas at our home 2012

Jolly good woodland Santa
is now one of my fave creations...
adorned with moss and berries

moss butterflies flutter about....
Little Vintage new years tree

welcome 2013

Wishing for a better year
Christmas country Santa

in his old red truck
on route 66

with his seed sack
old wash tubs make perfect present holders

our new addition to our tree family

the woodland tree


This is my deer

Sir janky

Last years Christmas card of my girls blown up
I added Christmas light up magnets
actually they were ear rings that I made into
my Hubby's cowboy tree

My coffee nook
My fave print
my Kierby

my Santa tree
gypsy tree