Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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Color into my vintage world

Welcome.......to my colorful world.
Color is new to me lately as I have been vintage
for some time now.
I loved my vintage collection, but my kiddos thought
most every piece I brought home was haunted. lol.
SOOOO I decided I would start parting with some of my
most prized possessions to close friends of Corse so
that I can still see their beauty.
But what could replace all my pretties I asked myself.....
My husband hunk and I had decided since we don't have
green thumbs and most flowers come to our home to die...we would
try a cactus garden. Deep East Texas stays so hot and dry how could we fail....right?
So we replaced cedar chips with lava rocks and rose bushes with cactuses, and
flowers with succulents.
It all came together beautifully if I do say so myself.
Which inspired the inside d├ęcor to go rustic/country!
I did however keep a few of my "creepy" hands
as the ids refer to them and couldn't part with
my old typewriter that made a pretty cool
planter...don't you think? 





yay I opened my Etsy shop

This is a place to go to play and shop.
Some of it is handmade by me
other things are pickings from my adventures.
check it out and maybe you can find a treasure or two.

                      I Hand paint these cuffs and will do custom orders too.

                                       these are some fun find bracelets
More to see so come visit me .


Friday, July 12, 2013

6th annual Mad Tea Party 2013 Hosted by aFancifulTwist

Tick......it tis that time
for a
Fanciful Twist 
Mad Tea Party
where we are all mad......
The white rabbit announces
If you don't have a hat 
just pick one off that rack!!!!

The hatter will show you to your seat!
Try not to stare into her eyes
as there are black holes where they 
used to be.
There are many treats to try.
 I must warn you
some may have been tampered by the hatter.
So be carful my friends.
try at your own risk!!!!!
I think this is what happened to the
Hatter's eyes.....
I do believe a love potion gone terribly wrong!!!

Oh.....More guest have arrived.
Meet Sir Janky 
He never misses A chance to
have tea with the crazy mad hatter!
Sir Janky even gets a special 
cup cake of his own....I think I may 
sneak a nibble.....shhhhh.
Spook the owl always delights us with 
his marshmallow cotton candy.
yummy but sweet on the tummy!
Other beautifully strange guest arrive.
Any hat will do
even a crown.

I adore this little fella bodoodles with his jesters hat...
he always plays us a little jig.

Hmmm the Red Queen must have been here....
I knew the white rabbit could not resist.....
and I can't either 
I must admit....
I think I will try a sour treat.
Try a fun giggle bun.
Its all so fun.
Just as I thought the Red Queen was here
and she didn't leave without taking a head...
oh my!
Bodoodles is playing a tune.
It sounds like a lullaby.
My eyes feel heavy......
So do you think the potion story is true?
Will it take away my baby blues.....
Just a sip 
A touch to my lips.....

Should I dare?

Thank you all for visiting,
and a big fancy thanks to
V @ aFancifulTwist.com 
you are amazing:)

Thank you Mrs. Carolyn Killingsworth
for letting me come play in your
eclectic shop
Found Objects in Tyler Texas

Thanks to Jaz for sending some of her magic :)

Any followers are welcome
and greatly appreciated  too.

Now I am off to everyone's party!!!!!
xoxo Gina