Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Glimpses of our Halloween Home 2013

A Welcoming sign
A sweet Raven
Welcomes you all in.

Adorable cows and pumpkins
peekaboo at you!
These two cows with their blue noses
just stole my heart when I seen them!


EAT and be SPOOKY!

Want to hear your fortune.....

You can find these labels and other spooky goodies at

Always Believe in MAGIC.

All my shelves are filled with Halloween goodies.

& a little DEER

Our Table Setting

Old friends from past stories :)


Even the fish PIPI Loves his spooky skeleton and pirate ships!

Hope you all enjoyed a glimpse of our home.

Now it's almost Hallows Eve

I went looking for trouble and boy - I found her

She's in love with herself - she likes the dark
On her milk white neck - the Devil's mark

Now it's all Hallows Eve - the moon is full
Will she trick or treat - I bet she will
She will - happy Halloween

This was in Atlanta GA at Dragon Con
We had so much fun.
I was pretty spooked but it
was a giggly spook....


Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Fanciful Twist 6th Halloween tea party!!!!

Hosted by Lovely Vanessa Valencia
From A Fanciful Twist!!!!!!

Mr. Pumpkin Head warns us not to go into the
fairy garden as the fairies will capture skeletons
and behead them and put them into their
skeletons head cemetery.

Awe we don't believe that.....he is just a big ole
silly pumpkin head.
We do have on our Halloween fairy wings
so maybe they will let us have tea with them.
Then off into the glitter fairy garden we goooooo.....
Knock Knock...
Cosmo knocked to ask
where would he find the fairy tea party at.

SHHHHH.....cant you read
hollers a little grumpy gnome in a pot. 
What a grumpy little guy
so off we go to find the tea party
as the garden is very large.
Oh my Oh my
Exclaimed Bransy  
it is the gypsy's pink house.
We must stop and see if she is home.
Even the top of her home makes me just
squeal in excitement ......... 
Branzy went to the door

Sigh....A note on the door
We can ask her neighbor in NO.2
where she would be and what do we do.....
He said that the gypsy was gone to gypsyville
to play and we should follow the lava red rocks they will lead the way!!!

Its the crowned princes doe deer
why are you locked up in here?
Doe Deer explained how the Gypsy put her there
so that the fairies couldn't take me while she was gone.
We will set you free and take you to the fairies ourselves !!!!!
Doe Deer exclaimed the pumpkin right there is my home
I have missed it so.
That is my neighbor hoot's home.
Is this the skeleton cemetery ????
That must mean we are getting close.....
Lime crime the toughest skeleton wants to run and hide!!!!!
The weird two sister witches warn us to go back...
but we have came this far we must go on 
I can see their giant home from here......
Oh My
OH Dear

Jules sounds the alarm
They are here just as we were warned
by the Gypsy 
the skeletons on Hallows eve are here
to take our treasures!!
The fairies threw fairy dust at us
and set loose bottles of pink clouds!
They were doing everything they could to keep
us from their Hallows eve tea.....
but why???
We are the ones that are suppose to be scared....
Awe my little fairies this is not working.
Rousefee ask them what do you want
please don't turn us to dust....
Tandy Queen of the skeletons climbed to the top
and after talking with the fairies
what they figured out was quite scary...
The Gypsy didn't want anyone to be friends so she
made up tales to keep us all apart and all
to her selfish self.
The star dust fairy slept through the whole party
as she is awake all night.

They all spent the eve having
spooky treats and drinking bats blood tea.

But it is time to go ......
As they went to leave the fairies started
blowing magic fairy dust all over us
for a safe trip home.
Mr. Bones got glitter all over his magnificent top hat.
We all love Glitter!!!!

As for the tricky Gypsy
Rousefee made a promise that the Gypsy
will not be causing anyone any more problems.....
I wonder what that means??????......

Happy Halloween my friends
So the fairies and I are doing a giveaway
all you have to do is follow my blog and leave a comment
That's all to win a skeleton fairy
just for you!!!!!

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OFF WE GO!!!!!
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