Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rustic Western Spirit sticks Just intime for a cute stocking stuffer.

It is almost Christmas time and we all know if
someone who is Naughty will get sticks
in their stockings.....
But being naughty this year may pay off for your western décor.

I hand painted these spirit sticks for all my rustic naughty friends.

And some Betsy Johnson inspired Spirit Sticks
Love her!!!!

I am selling these on my etsy shop so if you have
A naughty cowgirl or boy these look amazing just laying around.
I custom make these to what colors you need :)
See you at my shop :)


  1. I've never heard of spirit sticks before, where do they come from, what's the meaning behind them? They look fab though, add some kick to your decor :)

  2. They are from my imagination...just some Christmas fun with paint and glitter :) glad you like them !!!!

    Xoxo Gina

  3. Agreed, they are pretty darn fun!!!

    You rock! xoxo

  4. Miss Gina, I think about you all the time! My silly facebook account is only a business page so in won't let me comment on your new beyond awesome hair!!!

    I hope you are doing grand!! Much love, V

    1. I was just visiting your blog 💓 thank you for thinking of me ✨ I have neglected my blog so I have so much to share .... Did you see my new dressing room???? It is so fun to go in and all the make up and accessories as decor and twinkling lights that I just adore!!!!

      Great to hear from you xoxo Gina