Monday, November 18, 2013

A Christmas story on the farm.

Woke up Jakob to a startle.
Something has upset one of pawpaw's cow!
Gretta never makes that much racket.....

I have to go check it out.

Gretta told me to come closer
that she had a secret for me.

She came to the fence
with a gleam in her eye. 

I climbed up to see what was the matter
She said while I was napping there arose
a huge clatter....

As I climbed the fence
magic dust fell from my boots???

Gretta said
"see there Jakob proof"
"proof of what old cow?"

Gretta exclaimed
"The red Christmas ornament
it fell off Santa's sled."

Santa put his reindeer over there in the
trailer.....I climbed up to take a peek.

There is nothing in the trailer you silly cow.

Then I seen some glitter fall from the sky....

I'll check inside just incase!

Nope no sign of reindeer in here.

I'll climb up on pawpaw's tractor
to get a closer look.

I know how to drive this thing
I'll just take it for a spin.

I reckon I'll sit a spell.
What's that ole girl.

If I can just get down these steps.....
yep girl I see it too....


The old cow Gretta was right!!!!!!!!
Saint Nick was checking
 to see if I have been
Naughty or Nice.
This is my sweetie pie little neighbor Jakob out on the farm :)


  1. oh!!! What a precious little cowboy, swooon!

    1. He is the sweetest little neighbor ever :)