Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello friends...
 I wanted to share with you our new kitchen walls.
I have added the link on how to achieve this look.
It is time consuming,but totally worth it!!!!
 I love cows so I have a small collection of 
painted canvases.
 I also found some pizza oven trays at Canton Trade Days 
that I am using underneath the cedar wood chargers.
I made the arrangement in the center of the table.
Elk horns holding a wicker bowl of tips of bulls horns 
and flowers.

 Another peice I purchased years ago and didnt know what 
to use it for came in handy
when I was putting together my coffeebar.
Perfect place to hang coffee mugs.
If you notice on the coffee bar the two glass canisters .
these were purchased at walmart  for $5 each
then I glued cowhide coasters $4 each to the lids.
Getty up now they are rustic.

This is one of my Favs I found him in Canton...
isn't he fun.

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