Friday, October 18, 2013

The Halloween Ball

This is Jules who has been a forgotten spirit
in this old abandoned school for years.

There was a fire one evening at the school's
Halloween Ball.

She lingers the halls of the old school in her tattered
gown waiting for her Halloween ball crown.
She cannot go pass the steps in the courtyard
as every time she tries

and she questions why ????
She warps back into the dark walls of the old school.

She is surrounded by the ashes and dust...

she tries to block out the disaster around her.

Sometimes if she tries hard enough she can make it all disappear ....
until the sun rises and the light shines in again.
She peeps through the mesh window and sees
a garden she has never seen before.

She must go there......she just must.
It was like the Heavens had opened up.
What a beautiful secret garden ...
where there is green and life over growing.

But alas no crown found...
only skulls.

But wait a light shinning so bright
could it be
is it true
her crown
that she has waited for so long...

As she placed it upon her head
all the dread and pain was gone.
She went straight to Heaven where she truly


  1. Awwww....such a sweet Halloween story...she finally got her wish at the end. Love the photos!
    Teresa in California

  2. Hi Teresa
    Thank you it was a fun photo shoot :)

    Xoxo Gina

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    Heidi x