Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Carnival Fun

                                         Hello my friends I am back!!!!!!
                    I have been somewhat busy and finally life has slowed down.
                    I want to share some of what I have been up too.
                    I have been getting back into modeling
                      trying to get back in front of the camera....
                     soooo I have been working on my portfolio.
              Here is one shoots that was so so much fun that I must share. :)
                                         credits go to Knothead Photography

Step right up and get your ticket
for some wacky carnival fun.
I will share my ticket with you.
I was somewhat nervous when I walked up
to the ticket booth and I seen a
doll standing at the ticket booth and
then she skipped away.
I want to find out who's lost
doll she is.....
The Merry Go Round
is my favorite ride.
Her reflection...
Am I seeing things???
Have I gone Bonkers???

I love all the colors
and beautifully made
animals on the ride.

I felt someone staring at me....

I turned around and there she was the doll!!!
I ask her name and why she looked so sad....
she jumped off he ride and off she went.
I decided id ride the wonder wheel
and get to the top and try to find the little sad doll.
There she is
Now to get down from the sky .
As soon as I got close she ran....
will I ever know who she is......?

I decided to take a sweet break
and have some goodies.
I heard someone on the other side of the cotton candy booth...
as I turned the corner POOF
she was gone.

Its tea time for me.

Around and around I went.
Now I am a bit dizzy.
I see her again.
I follow her to the house of mirrors..
It was like she was silently
calling me closer. 

Then she turns around in a flash
The only word she said and then
giggling she ran into the
house of mirrors.

Was she trying to scare me away...?
well it didn't work.
I decided to ride the train
As I figured she would show up again.

while taking a break from all the fun rides I see her
Playing a game.

Taunting me

It was if she wanted to play.
she handed me the ball...
I took it and ask her what do I do?

Without a word
She pointed at the glass bottles
and I win a prize....
I threw the ball as hard as I could and crash.
I WON!!!!!
I looked over at the prizes hanging
and there she was
I unhooked her and she fell to the ground...

She smiled so big
and reached for me.

I picked her up and told her she was my doll now.
As I went to leave the carnival owner stopped me and
told me my sad looking doll that I thought I was trying
to save was actually a evil soul that was lost long ago.
He looked me in the eyes and asked me
have I ever been there before as we looked alike....
I had been there as a little girl
and my mother told me that I was quite the brat
that day
and she prayed over me that the evil go away.
He told me the story of not being able to get
her to go away cause every time the toys arrived
there she was again....
 I was the only one that could release her!
I had to leave that part of my soul behind
where she belonged.

As I drove away I seen her at the

I drove away and never went back.

So beware at the next carnival you go to
as she might be there
and I am sure she will give you quite
the scare....
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  1. if you decide not to go into modeling you have talent as a storyteller.

  2. Ha!! That is quite creepy... Know why? Cuz it's not fiction fantasy..... ;)

  3. Your blog is fantastic!
    The cute and funny photos.
    My daughter wants to have your hair pink.Bonito!!!
    Jorgelina from Argentina ♥

    1. Awe thank you :)
      I just love pink hair ....I have my 72 year old mom wearing some pink in her hair too! Ill post pics of hers too:)