Wednesday, July 22, 2015

You know my name let me tell you my story

 I have been missing my own little world.
I am sorry I have left everyone in blog world, but
I am back!!!
sooooo December 2014 marked me turning 39 (i am ready for 40)
and marks 14 years since I lost my 3 year old son.
I had to have a Outlet for the pain my heart felt.
Most emotional year for me.
I decided my outlet for pain was getting my entire arm tattooed!!!
Crazy welllll mab
It took almost 4 month & I don't even know how many hours
to complete it!!

I love the artwork that tells my story.
People stop me as they have never seen such a colorful PINK
Tattoo sleeve.

The pink hair princess is me holding that last dandelion
wondering what will be my last wish.
The enchanted deer awe I love so 
is my husband Clint. The bubbles are my oldest daughter
as she is always bubbly. 
squeal....she is pregnant with my first grand!!!
That is in loving memory of my son Konner.
It was Snowing the day we laid him to rest...
so the snow owl was perfect.
under the snow owl it reads 
I may not see you but, I feel you.
He is always close my and in my heart forever.

 In the arms of the pink haired fairy is a 
caramel colored tattered bunny that represents
my youngest P8N 17 years and she still has 
to have her plush bunny with her. So sweet!
I completed my tattoo with great story, artwork, and love.
Now you know a part of my story.

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