Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Color into my vintage world

Welcome.......to my colorful world.
Color is new to me lately as I have been vintage
for some time now.
I loved my vintage collection, but my kiddos thought
most every piece I brought home was haunted. lol.
SOOOO I decided I would start parting with some of my
most prized possessions to close friends of Corse so
that I can still see their beauty.
But what could replace all my pretties I asked myself.....
My husband hunk and I had decided since we don't have
green thumbs and most flowers come to our home to die...we would
try a cactus garden. Deep East Texas stays so hot and dry how could we fail....right?
So we replaced cedar chips with lava rocks and rose bushes with cactuses, and
flowers with succulents.
It all came together beautifully if I do say so myself.
Which inspired the inside d├ęcor to go rustic/country!
I did however keep a few of my "creepy" hands
as the ids refer to them and couldn't part with
my old typewriter that made a pretty cool
planter...don't you think? 





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