Thursday, October 18, 2012

13 days of magic from my Halloween Home

13 days till Halloween
 13 days
 that is it?.....
Time was on her broom and just flew right by.
I want to share some of my Halloween decor
with you all.....
I will try my best to add a photo daily to this
post of all my treats and goodies.
Hope you enjoy
comments welcome
I love them
Have a spooky day
 my labels are from Vanessa at
I found this creepy hand at craft store

old egg basket light I found in Canton Texas at my favorite store
here is the shopping link and also amazing eye candy !!!!!

1803 candles are my favs

painted pumpkins
$1 each at the Dollar Tree


My little Kierby
Still producing :)


Love these little visitors
but these little guys sneak up on me!!!!


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